For the best and safest results when cleaning your canvas, try not to work in direct sunlight, in the heat of the day or when it is windy. Before you commence cleaning ensure you check all the stitched seams on both sides and ensure the thread is sound and will withstand cleaning. Canvas that have not be cleaned for many years may fall apart and/or rip while attempting to clean them.

Quite often people are seen to be carrying gerry cans and other types of containers on the outside of the caravans and RV 's.

Firstly you must remember that mounting these types of things can add considerably to the weight and stability of your vehicle.

PULLING a caravan, trailer or boat behind your SUV is easier than you think. It's reversing that's the hard part, but even that comes with practice. (The basic rule is to steer opposite to the direction you want the trailer to go.)

In the interests of better caravanning enjoyment, this has been compiled for you by Ron & Thora Schafer with the co-operation of Caravan Industry Australia (Qld). Here's some helpful hints for Caravanners.


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