Many of us head off to the cheap local department store when the strap finally breaks on our favourite pair of flip flops. We often feel that we go through thongs too quickly to justify going for a more expensive brand. We want something that “just does the job”. What we don’t realise though, if that this way of thinking is actually costing us more money long term. The same thing is happening with caravan products.

The average pair of thongs (or flip flops if you like) cost about $15. Now, if these pair of thongs only last about 2 months, you would end up going through 6 pairs costing you $90. A pair of good quality thongs can cost you about $25 a pair and often last up to 6 months costing you $50 for the year. That’s a saving of $40! You could buy yourself a six pack to go with those singlets, shorts and thongs for that.

The same goes for quality car and caravan products, accessories and equipment, as well as many other things in life. We often go for the “cheap fix” because we feel like we are keeping more cash in our back pocket that we could use for something we really want or because we think that we only need it for the short term so it doesn’t matter if it starts degrading after a couple of months. This “disposable” attitude is unfortunately greatly the reason why we have a whole island of plastic and waste floating about out in the ocean.

As far as an old saying goes, “quality over quantity”, and that is what more and more people are choosing to live by including within the caravan industry. Quality products, that are strong, durable and made to last are a lot more cost-effective and less damaging than having to continually replace flimsy, poor-quality-made material, overall cheap products.

People want to know that their awning is safe for their children to be sitting under in a mild breeze. They want to trust that their annexe won’t leak in the rain and will protect them from the wind and sun. Having had their caravan in storage since Easter, they don’t want to spend half the Christmas budget on preparing the caravan to go away, unlike the longevity of quality, well-made equipment and products.

Buying quality caravaning products and equipment doesn’t have to set you back hundreds initially either. We live in an age where technology thrives, making processes easier and also too are quality products to make. Sure there’s a price difference between the “cheap and nasty” and what is genuine-made, though it is not often obscene and costs generally recuperate themselves through its long life.

So, how do you find quality, reliable caravaning products that fit into this “happy medium”?

Do a little bit of research on a product you are wanting to buy

Google is a great place to start. Look for good and plentiful reviews, companies that stock and are backed by trusted, well-known brands. It is also good to establish an understanding of the average costs involved and what features, warranties and services associated with these. For example, here at RV Warehouse, we like to stock only the best quality brands on the market such as GREAT RV Products, offering quality Australian canvas products and huge 10 years warranty, to ensure our customers get a long life out of their products. Nobody likes to purchase something they think they got a great deal on, only to have it break the next day.

Find out where the products/equipment is made and what it is made of and average costs

Where a product is manufactured can play a huge role in a product's durability. How? Well in the instance of caravan canvas products such as awnings, those which are made in overseas locations aren’t often designed for Australia’s harsh conditions. Due to this, awning canvas can quickly fade and become damaged, needing to be replaced within approximately 2-4 years for awning skins. Ideally, good quality awning skins should last 6-8 years or more. That’s how you know brands such at GREAT RV are made from top quality materials and will last at least 6-8 years, as they offer 10 years warranty on most of their products.

Read reviews before settling on a product brand that is within your budget

When you think about it, most people will purchase a product brand they know over one they don’t. Why? Because often it’s that level of familiarity that reassures that it is a product they can trust. It doesn’t have to be a brand they have actually bought before either. Reviews and stories from other people about a product can also generate this sense of familiarity; therefore, everyone’s knowledge of “trusted” brands will vary depending on knowledge, personal experience and external feedback.

If you are looking for a product for your caravan, but have never heard of the brands before it is good to check out some reviews and ratings of the brands, products, or companies. Look for brands, products or companies with several reviews/ratings to reduce biasness and provide a more accurate indication of quality.

Find a retailer and ask them about the product or if you can, go in-store and take a look

Sometimes good ol’ fashioned communication direct from the source is the best way to go. Pick up the phone or inquiring online can help answer any questions you may have and also get a feel for the business/retailer you could potentially be buying from. If they don’t answer your email or phone call, within a reasonable time frame, this is generally a good indicator to look elsewhere.

At RV Warehouse, we aim to provide our customers not only with quality products/brands they can trust but also assist with before and after-sales support and advice to assist them make an informed decision and/or get the most out of their purchase.

know how to use products and care for it properly, if you are unsure, see if the retailer can help

As avid caravanners ourselves, we know how important it is to operate and look after caravan products effectively to get a long life out of them. That’s why we’re enthusiastic about providing our customers with the right tools, advice and knowledge to get you ahead. We offer usage demonstrations for basic operations of canvas products provided by us and post informative videos, articles and tips across our website and social channels.

If you are unsure of how to use a product, ask the retailer who should be able to help you out and advice you on best practices.

Want to know more about caring for caravan canvas products? See our “Canvas Care” article or visit our YouTube channel.

If you are looking for a particular products / equipment for your caravan, talk to us today. Here at RV Warehouse we aim to deliver the highest level of service, quality products and customer support.

Contact us today! Call 1800 612 672.

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