Canvas Care

General tips for maximising the life of your canvas:

  1. Keep the fabric clean by brushing regularly, both inside and outside, with a soft brush and by hosing occasionally with clear, cold water. You should start at the lower edge of the fabric and work upwards.
  2. Do not apply soaps, detergents, cleaning fluids or insecticides.
  3. Keep petrol, solvents, kerosene and other similar fluids away from the fabric.
  4. Do not allow bird droppings, earth, sand or vegetable matter to remain in contact with the fabric.
  5. Ensure that the canvas is thoroughly dry before packing up and putting the annexe or awning away.
  6. Should mildew spots appear, brush them off before they become attached.
  7. Persistent mould or mildew growth should be treated with White King® solution, strictly in accordance with the instructions outlined on the following page.
  8. Canvas, which has been cleaned extensively, may require reproofing. You can usually tell if this is required when you notice water penetrating the fabric rather than beading off it. If reproofing is required you can buy products from our online store. Reproof should be carried out after the cleaning is performed and the fabric has completely dried.

How do I clean the canvas fabric?

For the best and safest results when cleaning your canvas, try not to work in direct sunlight, in the heat of the day or when it is windy. Before you commence cleaning ensure you check all the stitched seams on both sides and ensure the thread is sound and will withstand cleaning. Canvas that have not be cleaned for many years may fall apart and/or rip while attempting to clean them.

We recommend the use of White King as a cleaner. When working with White King® care must be taken that it does not come in contact with anything other than the canvas. If it does, you will need to wash it straight off. It may be safer to put the solution in a spray bottle and spray the solution onto the fabric. The solution will yellow your lawns, however, this will grow out.

So here we go....

Step 1. As some fabrics may not be colourfast, it is best to test an inconspicuous section of the canvas fabric first.

Step 2. Ensure the canvas is taught or laying flat.

Step 3. Remove any dust and dirt by lightly brushing. Heavy soiling should first be washed off with clear warm water – do not use soaps or detergents!

Step 4. Dilute the White King® with water; 1 part White King® to 3 Parts water.

Step 5. Apply the solution evenly to the outside at a rate that will penetrate the fabric, working the solution into the fabric with a soft brush or a broom.

Step 6. Hose off the solution thoroughly after 15 minutes, continuing to hose down until the water run-off is completely clear.

Step 6. Let the canvas completely dry before packing up.

.....and there you have it, clean canvas looking refreshed and new!

Please note that these tips are for general purpose and you should always follow the specific instructions of the manufacturers safety guidelines. RV Warehouse takes no responsibility if these cleaning guide lines are followed and any damage occurs to yourself, awning, fabric or property.

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