Does your Awning Fabric need attention?

Has your caravan or RV been around the block a few times and now needs a bit of TLC?

Did you have a mishap with your vehicle awning on your last trip?

Are you selling your caravan or RV?

If so, an RVW Awning Reskin from RV Warehouse is a great way to get you back on the road, save you money and add value to your caravan or RV. Even treating your rollout awning with the greatest care cannot save it from the inevitable ravages of time, weather and the suns damaging UV rays. In many cases, you may be told that your damaged awning skin means replacing the roller and material (or even the entire awning!) at great expense. However, in most cases the roller and other hardware are still functioning and usable.

Thankfully, RV Warehouse can often save your roller awning. We are one of a few in the industry that have the skills and materials to custom cut you a new awning skin that will fit your vehicle perfectly. So how do you get one? It's simple as one, two, three!

1. Our experts measure your existing awning to ensure that the correct size is produced for your awning roller - even if the awning skin has shrunk.

2. You choose your favourite colour - Blue, Green, Burgundy or Charcoal.

3. We organise for your new skin to be installed in our workshop or by one of our friendly agents. Or, we ship your new roller awning skin to you so you can install it yourself!

The high quality vinyl material we use is:

Highly durable

UV resistant

Anti-fungal treated

Fire retardant

Heat Block Out Film

Has a 2 year guarantee

Most often our skilled team of craftspeople can re skin your vehicles' awning in just a matter of days and then you are back on the road with an awning that looks brand new, for a fraction of the cost. Our work is always exceptional and we are proud to offer a 2 year warranty on our awning re-skins.

If your awning has been damaged by mother nature or by accident, we can get it sorted fast to get you on the road sooner. RV Warehouse is a contracted RACQ Insurance Selected Repairer, and is trusted by almost all caravan and RV insurance companies. Insurance claims are a breeze with RV Warehouse.

For more information about our awning re skin service you can send us an enquiry online or book a free on site quote at RV Warehouse Brisbane by calling 1800 612 672 or with our mobile agents in Cairns or Mount Isa. Why not give us a call today! We also stock a wide range of RV Products and Parts so we can replace other worn or broken parts whilst we work on your vehicle.

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