Introducing 'THE CUBBY'

Maximise your space and minimise your cost! Introducing The Cubby, a great new annexe extension from RV Warehouse, that lets your annexe area grow and change with your needs.

The Cubby annexe extension is a cost effective way of adding an extra room for storage or for your guests with only minimal modifications to your existing annexe. This makes taking the grandkids or the kid's friends on the road with you easier than ever before. Because the cubby zips on and zips off it can be set up off any of your three annexe walls, giving you the flexibility to put it where you need it.

And it isn't just for sleeping extra guests, it also creates a weatherproof and secure extra storage space for the bikes, fishing gear or the loo as well!

The Cubby is constructed from the same heavy duty canvas our RV Warehouse annexes are made from, is backed by a 10 year warranty and is supplied with all you need to set it up quickly and easily. All current RV Warehouse canvas colours and patterns are available and midge screened windows, flared bases and other accessories can be added to match your existing annexe construction seamlessly. This annexe extension maximises the space inside your annexe for you and your guests or gear, whilst minimising cost by giving you the ability to grow your annexe as you need it and avoid major modifications to your current set up.

Would you like to know more about the The Cubby or book a no obligation, on site quote? Why not send us an enquiry, see us in person in Brisbane or call us on 1800 612 672. Not in Brisbane? No problem! Our mobile agents in Cairns or Mt Isa can help you find out more about The Cubby extension from RVW Quality Canvas.

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