Online Shopping Discounters

Always Makes Me Wonder...

I write this blog post today in light of yet another phone call received by us with a concerned customer of a 'hard to track' Online Discounter Store. They are ringing us asking whether we were the company they supplied their credit card details to and asking 'where is my order?' After checking our order lists, it becomes apparent it is not an order of ours and then the reality of the situation sets in to the caller - "Who have I dealt with?"

It unfortunately is happening more and more. Websites setting up offering prices that are 'too good to be true' and then, when it comes time to deliver, fall short on fulfilling their obligation or take an age to arrange it. It makes me wonder if consumers truly understand the risks of 'faceless' online operators.

With online shopping becoming more accepted, faceless or part time operators pop up to cash in and have little or no regards for the consumer experience. The Brick and Mortar businesses that are set up by good, hard working people are the ones paying the price. They may charge a little more, because they support staff with families, overheads and the like - but they are the ones truly committed to providing the industry and the consumers with sound advice and products to enhance the overall travelling pleasure of all. They are not just in it for a quick buck.

Where do you sit? Do you like to support the industry committed companies or is it all about the dollar? It is an interesting situation - However I feel it necessary to educate and advise online consumers to beware of the online discounters and be sure you know who you are dealing with.

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