Story Time: Baked Beans for Everyone

I was camping with a great bunch of friends at Inskip point at new years for a week. One particular night as all 10 of us were nestled in next to our little campfire, having a laugh and enjoying a few quiet ales, our friend Chris decided he was a little peckish and would snack on a can of baked beans. So he sets of into his camper and brings out his can of choice and decides that he will heat them up slightly by placing the can by the side of the fire. All was fine and whilst Chris waited patiently for his beans to heat, the rest of the group continued on telling stories and enjoying a laugh.

After some ten minutes, Chris was finishing up the preparation of the bread and butter he was going to enjoy with his beans. As we sat there enjoying ourselves, all of a sudden there was this almighty explosion that was loud and suprising. The lot of us were completely baffled initially as to what had just occurred. It all became very clear seconds later when through a quick look down and around the circle... the can of baked beans had exploded and coated quite a few at the fires edge. Literally almost everyone was hit by a flying bean and made for a hysterical laughing event. For the record, Chris still went scraping through what remained in the can so he didn't miss out on his feed.

Sent in by Ron Burton - Gold Coast

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