The Boulders at Tropical North Queensland

In our first couple of days at Bramston Beach, before all the turmoil, we all decided a swim was necessary to combat the hot days, so we took the short drive to The Boulders at Babinda. A lovely little swimming hole with clear, fresh water as crisp as a winters morning was exactly what we needed to relieve the heat. As soon as you drive into the parking area you can see that it's well maintained and very pretty with butterflies, green grass and clean amenities. Pretty much as soon as we took in our lovely surroundings, the slapping started. I could hear it before I even realised what was going on, the sound of hands slapping flesh came loud and clear as we started slapping and smacking our legs, arms and everything else, even the areas covered up with clothing. Those nasty March Flies were in fine form managing to get through anything.

We quickly realised that the best line of defence was to make a bee line for the water so we dumped our towels, bags, food etc stripped off and jumped in. It was really beautiful and refreshing with turtles and fish to feed as well. Definitely worth a visit when you are in the area but my advice is to avoid wearing blue or black, apparently the March Flies love those colours and slap on the insect repellant because other colours won't keep you completely safe.

Everyone was grateful for the invigorating swim on such a hot day and we felt a lot cooler than when we arrived although maybe not as relaxed while we briskly walked back to our cars to the sights and sounds of other visitors who looked like a group of German Folk Dancers at an Oktoberfest Gathering.

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