There is no denying that no matter how luxurious the inside of a caravan or RV is, cabin fever can still take hold and sometimes makes you wish you could spread out more.  Of course, caravan annexes for decades have provided many families and touring couples the additional living space they need to keep themselves comfortable no matter what the weather is doing outside.  But when it comes to caravan annexes... what is the best annexe that could suit?  

In this article, we touch on some main areas of consideration when researching and deciding which caravan annexe model is best for you and your camping requirements.


This is one of the first questions you should ask yourself when considering what is best for you.  You need to understand what frequency and for what main purpose you need the annexe to satisfy.

For example, a touring couple who may be doing a lap of Australia, moving from site to site every 3-4 days... stopping somewhere for a week or two if they like it. Its likely they may have a limited need to deploy an annexe on any regular basis.  Some usage reasons they would need an annexe could be for protection from adverse weather... or it could be to house the grandkids or 'visitors' if they happen to be meeting up with them along the way.  With this being the case, the annexe system they require would not need to be overly extravagant... they are looking for an option that is only needed to be erected a couple of times a year.  

Or, you maybe heading away for your annual 4-6 week Christmas trip, where you will be setting up in your yearly spot and will be living weeks on end in the caravan and annexe.  This usage requirement comes with a totally different set of considerations... especially when it comes to seasonal weather conditions, as well as the possible need to sleep kids or visitors with in the annexe.  

Whatever reason it is for you, try to understand first how you intend to use the annexe, so you can ensure you research a model that could best compliment your requirements.


Caravan annexes have evolved alot since they were first made for the sides of caravans... dating back as early as the 1950's.  Today, we caravan in totally different ways and require many more flexible features to enhance the overall caravan camp set up.  However, there are people that require little additional 'perks'.. and of course, the caravanner that enjoys all the add-on extras and set up flexibility.

For instance, a traditional annexe design... like our Freedom Annexe model, incorporates the basic features that all annexes require to be practical.  Being a traditional design, windows are hard sewn onto the canvas and comes with zipped down canvas weather flaps to combat the wind and wet weather.  Basic yet effective.

On the other hand, annexes of the modern era have evolved to incorporate additional functionality into their designs.  Take our Designer Annexe model for example, this model comes with windows that are also equipped with additional zips to allow the caravanner to roll up the entire window's midgescreen and weather flap to create another wide opening.  This assists when there is additional people moving around the camp or to capture an uninterrupted view of the surroundings.  

Another function of the Designer Annexe is the inclusion of the front porch kit.  With outdoor BBQ now extremely popular, the function of the porch comes in handy to keep everything covered and dry.  Amongst other features, modern day annexes are now built to be truly flexible to the modern day caravanner.


Which material you make your annexe out of can determine what type of annexe experience you get.  For example, if the annexe was made from a light nylon cloth... a regular user would find that the possible effect of  UV and weather could wear the annexe out prematurely.  Or an infrequent user purchasing a heavy vinyl material could find themselves carting around something that is overkill for their needs.

However, it is important that you understand what materials are available and what could best suit your requirements. Common materials used for caravan annexes are Nylon, imported canvas, local canvas and also PVC vinyl.  All have their pro's and con's... and knowing the difference in quality and practicality to your needs is paramount to ensure you get the right material for you.

One final point to be aware of when it comes to materials...  the annexe market has been influenced in the last 5 years by more imported products predominately being sourced from Asia and Europe.  These products, whilst coming with an attractive price point, have certainly demonstrated their inability to combat the local weather conditions that we have here in Australia.  And unfortunately the consumer maybe unable to pick up on the differences at the time of purchase.  When considering caravan annexe options, always make sure you query the origin of the materials... and always look to use locally produced materials that are made for our local conditions.  The difference in longevity is astoundingly surprising.

These are some of the main areas to consider when purchasing the right annexe model for you.  

If you would like to find out more about what model is right for you, visit our GREAT Annexe page and begin discovering the differences available to you there.  

Also, feel free to contact us to discuss any particular consideration or design you may want addressing. You can reach us on our Freecall 1800 612 672.

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