Why a 4wd bag awning could save your next trip!

Can a bag awning save the day? You bet!

There are so many vehicle accessories available in the market these days, sometimes it is difficult to know which ones are worth the money and which aren't. Let's face it, when it comes to our vehicles it's easy to become a crow (only after the shiny things!) and spend money on stuff we don't really need when we should be investing in things that add value and make life and trips away easier.

That's where a 4wd bag awning can transform your four wheel drive into a moving sunshade, changing room or picnic area anywhere you happen to be. An Australian made 4wd bag awning from RV Warehouse adds shade and protection from the elements wherever you and your vehicle go!

Whether it's a day on the beach, at the camping grounds or wherever the journey might take you, nothing beats getting away with friends and family. But why should being outdoors mean you are at the mercy of the elements.

You just never know what Mother Nature may throw at you. Your carefully planned picnic at the lake, park or the beach can be ruined by rain or wind, leaving you eating in the car or heading home early. And while a four wheel drive awning can't fix the weather (we're working on it!), it can give you a dry, sheltered area to enjoy your meal and afternoon in. That sure beats sitting in the car!

Even on a bright sunny day your awning will keep the sun at bay and provide some much needed shade so that you and your guests have somewhere cool and breezy to relax in or keep an eye on the kids from whilst they play.

So where you can you get hold of one of these miraculous devices? Luckily, RV Warehouse Brisbane are stockists of a wide range of 4wd bag awnings and more. Available in a range of colours and a huge selection of configurations and mounting options to suit your needs, our 4wd awnings feature a canvas roof, heavy duty nylon fittings, double peg feet and swing in/swing out arms and legs so your awning can be up and useful in seconds, not minutes.

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Just like all RV Warehouse vehicle accessories this vehicle awning is Australian made right here in Brisbane and is backed by our RV Warehouse quality guarantee and 10 year limited warranty. Like all RV Warehouse products, our bag awnings are far superior to cheap, imported solutions that simply can't hold up to the harsh Australian elements and will give you years of faultless service. Find out more about caring for canvas awnings here.

Our bag awning options range from a simple 2.5m by 2m side shade awning, to smaller rear awnings, triangle extensions and velcro screen walls. In fact, you can turn your awning into a fully enclosed room, offering you privacy and protection from the elements without pitching a tent or bringing the caravan along! These accessories can be mounted on your vehicle's roof racks or mounted to suit a variety of applications.

RV Warehouse can fit awnings to just about any make or model including Nissan awnings, Toyota awnings, Mazda awnings and more with our flexible mounting system. To find out more about how a 4wd awning could save your next trip from disaster why not send us an enquiry or speak to us in Brisbane on 1800 612 672. You can also call our mobile agents in Cairns on 0414 862 960 or Mt Isa on 0448 012 721 for a no obligation on site quote!

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