GREAT Caravan Shade Walls

Starting at just $110*

GREAT RV Caravan Shade Room Walls are the ideal way to enjoy the Australian outdoors without compromising on sun protection and privacy.

ShadeMaster Range

Our ShadeMaster Shade Room Wall options offer shade screens which can be independently pegged out or zipped together with multiple shades to form a shade room. 

These shade room walls also come with a fantastic 10 YEARS WARRANTY for great piece of mind.

The ShadeMaster Shade Room Wall option provides sun protection & privacy. All walls are independent of each other and can be pegged out at an angle from the awning or zipped together to form a room.

Includes entry at both ends, draft skirt and velcro connection to your RV.

Key Features

✔ Quality PVC shademesh material

✔  Deters harmful UV rays, while keeping your space light & cheery

✔ You can see out, but your neighbours can’t see in


Caravan Shade Wall/Room Kit Inclusions

You Get:

✔ 3 walls with 2 access doors on end wall corners

✔ 20 x pegs & aluminium corner poles

✔ 10 Years Warranty

Available Upgrades:

✔ Anti-flap Kit Attachment

✔ Multi-purpose Non-slip Matting

✔ Installation (Supply Only Also Available)

End Shade 

Can be used at either end.

Fridge Shade

Keep your fridge running at its optimum.

Full Offsider Shade

Reduce heat and provide privacy.

Privacy Shade

Add shade around your awning.


Download ShadeMaster Range Catalogue

End Wall Measurement Guide

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