Many of us go for the “cheap fix” because we feel like we are keeping more cash in our back pocket but what we often don’t realise is that by opting for the “cheaper option” it is often costing us more in the long run. “Quality over quantity”, though is nothing new, more and more people are choosing to live by this motto, especially within the caravan industry. Here’s why.

The Cubby annexe extension is a cost effective way of adding an extra room for storage or for your guests with only minimal modifications to your existing annexe. This makes taking the grandkids or the kid's friends on the road with you easier than ever before. Because the cubby zips on and zips off it can be set up off any of your three annexe walls, giving you the flexibility to put it where you need it.

Has your caravan or RV been around the block a few times and now needs a bit of TLC? Did you have a mishap with your vehicle awning on your last trip? Are you selling your caravan or RV?

There are so many vehicle accessories available in the market these days, sometimes it is difficult to know which ones are worth the money and which aren't. Let's face it, when it comes to our vehicles it's easy to become a crow (only after the shiny things!) and spend money on stuff we don't really need when we should be investing in things that add value and make life and trips away easier.

The team from RV Warehouse has a secret, a big secret, and we can't wait to tell you about it!

We have fantastic new RV and Caravanning products that we just can't wait to share with you.

But we can't tell you about them. Yet.

Caravanning and RV'ing throughout Australia is a fast growing past time (or retirement plan!) for many couples and families. It offers incredible freedom and flexibility that cannot be beaten. But before you seal the deal, pack up the gear and take off I wanted to share my top five tips I wish I knew before I embarked on my first RV'ing adventure.

I write this blog post today in light of yet another phone call received by us with a concerned customer of a 'hard to track' Online Discounter Store. They are ringing us asking whether we were the company they supplied their credit card details to and asking 'where is my order?' After checking our order lists, it becomes apparent it is not an order of ours and then the reality of the situation sets in to the caller - "Who have I dealt with?"

For the best and safest results when cleaning your canvas, try not to work in direct sunlight, in the heat of the day or when it is windy. Before you commence cleaning ensure you check all the stitched seams on both sides and ensure the thread is sound and will withstand cleaning. Canvas that have not be cleaned for many years may fall apart and/or rip while attempting to clean them.

A couple of days ago we decided to go on a day trip, with friends from Tassie that we have met on the road, to the Atherton Tablelands. It was a really full day after taking off at 8am and arriving home (strange to call the van home but I guess it is home for now) at around 6:30pm, we saw so much and didn't even make a dent in what is on offer up there. We started out with the Coffeeworks and chocolate factory, need I say more, I will say that it was hard to leave and I don't even drink coffee. The chocolate factory is amaaaaazing with plenty of samples to tantalise and I suspect I was more excited than the kids in fact I can't even remember their reaction. Were they there? I think I may have been in an intoxicated haze of euphoria.

In our first couple of days at Bramston Beach, before all the turmoil, we all decided a swim was necessary to combat the hot days, so we took the short drive to The Boulders at Babinda. A lovely little swimming hole with clear, fresh water as crisp as a winters morning was exactly what we needed to relieve the heat. As soon as you drive into the parking area you can see that it's well maintained and very pretty with butterflies, green grass and clean amenities. Pretty much as soon as we took in our lovely surroundings, the slapping started. I could hear it before I even realised what was going on, the sound of hands slapping flesh came loud and clear as we started slapping and smacking our legs, arms and everything else, even the areas covered up with clothing. Those nasty March Flies were in fine form managing to get through anything.

The weather is definitely heating up, here in North Queensland. Arriving at Mission Beach in the middle of a hot day had us craving for a nice long soak in the ocean and that's exactly what we did as soon as we unhitched. We stayed at the council run caravan park which is directly on the beach and cheaper than the one across the road from the beach, go figure! Maybe the other park had a pool but who needs that when you have the ocean and maybe the amenities were slightly better but none of this worried us and we spent three splendid days on the sun soaked beach and strolling the markets on the Sunday. The stalls were so unusual and filled with gorgeous bits and pieces complete with heavenly Thai Takeaway.

Maroochy Palms has been operated and owned by the same family since 1987. Our friendly team look forward to welcoming you and doing all we can to help you enjoy your stay. We are centrally located to Australia Zoo, Underwater World , The Ginger Factory and the Ettamogah Pub! Our accommodation includes 1 and 2 bedroom cabin/villas, open plan style units (some with spa bath). Maroochy Palms offers powered & unpowered caravan & camping sites & ensuite caravan sites. Enjoy our accommodation while the kids are entertained with jumping pillow, pool, mini golf, tennis & Kids Klub on the school holidays.

The crowning accolades for the smartly renovated hotel in Mary Street - owned and developed by Wes and Trish Wright and their daughter and son-in-law Kerrie and Paul Candrick - were announced at the 16th Annual Queensland Hotels Association Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Discover the tranquil beauty of St Bernards Hotel - Paradise made simple.

St Bernards Hotel is situated in the most ideal position. Located on the edge of an ancient volcanic escarpment, the Hotel commands wonderful views of Tamborine Valley overlooking Guanaba Gorge, Moreton Bay, the Gold Coast skyline and the Pacific Ocean.

I was camping with a great bunch of friends at Inskip point at new years for a week. One particular night as all 10 of us were nestled in next to our little campfire, having a laugh and enjoying a few quiet ales, our friend Chris decided he was a little peckish and would snack on a can of baked beans. So he sets of into his camper and brings out his can of choice and decides that he will heat them up slightly by placing the can by the side of the fire. All was fine and whilst Chris waited patiently for his beans to heat, the rest of the group continued on telling stories and enjoying a laugh.

November Contest Winner - Reflection Elmore, Victoria
A $100 RV Warehouse Voucher has been issued to the entrant that submitted this fantastic shot.

Quite often people are seen to be carrying gerry cans and other types of containers on the outside of the caravans and RV 's.

Firstly you must remember that mounting these types of things can add considerably to the weight and stability of your vehicle.

PULLING a caravan, trailer or boat behind your SUV is easier than you think. It's reversing that's the hard part, but even that comes with practice. (The basic rule is to steer opposite to the direction you want the trailer to go.)

In the interests of better caravanning enjoyment, this has been compiled for you by Ron & Thora Schafer with the co-operation of Caravan Industry Australia (Qld). Here's some helpful hints for Caravanners.

Such is Australia's love affair with the ute that the Toyota Hilux has been the best selling car in Australia on five occasions.
Best selling car that is, not just utility, with sales even managing to eclipse Holden's perennial Commodore. But, when sales took an unexpected dive earlier this year, Toyota wasn't going to take it sitting down.

This trio boast the rough 'n tumble skills to get away from the black-top but customers are now demanding something akin to soft-roader tarmac manners - or better - from these utilitarian machines. Can Toyota's HiLux fend off the all-new twin challenge of Ford's Ranger and Mazda's BT-50?

PART of the dream of owning an SUV is its command driving position that gives you unparalleled vision over lesser traffic. The other part is taking the kids to see the real Australia, via BirdsvilleI was contemplating the virtues of the high driving position while sitting in Land Rover's delightful Freelander 2, waiting to turn left at a T-junction. Alongside me, turning right, was another SUV.

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