Bushman XCD100 100L Upright Gas Fridge - Black - LPG/240V/24V

$1,398.00 AUD
Approx $968.81 USD
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Product Details


Gas inlet connection: 3/8" SAE male compression

Gas usage average: 280g / day

Gas injector: 0.3 mm

Gas inlet pressure: 2.75 kpa

Gas approval number: GMK10407

Electrical approval No.: V100416

Heating elements: 150W

240V current draw: 0.625 A

12V current draw: 12.5 A

Dimensions: W 512mm, D 585mm, H 785mm

Weight: 34.5 kg


  • Ultimate gas fridge in reliability and efficiency 
  • 100 Litre free-standing bar size fridge with powder-coated finished sides 
  • Perfect for camping, off-grid small dwellings, beach house, sheds and shacks
  • Convenient front mounted controls
  • Big door shelves 
  • Adjustable shelf heights 
  • Reversible door 
  • Powder-coated steel cabinet 
  • Automatic gas safety valve 
  • Flame indicator 
  • 3 Year Australia wide warranty
  • No solar or batteries required 
  • 9kg bottle allows for up to 9 month of running 
  • Low gas usage average 280g per day 
  • 3-Way operation 
  • Push button ignition 

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