Dometic Saneo CS

$569.00 AUD
Approx $385.78 USD

Product Code: Saneo CS
Categories: Toilets.

Product Details

  • Scratch-resistant, very easy to clean ceramic inlay
  • Insens Touch Control Display
  • Ergonomically shaped, comfortable seat
  • Bowl can be adjusted up to 90° in both directions
  • Prepared for the SOG exhaust system

With a bowl adjustable by 90° in both directions, this cassette toilet is ideal for use in tighter spaces. Its ergonomically shaped seat ensures comfort and the high-quality, scratch-resistant ceramic inlay is both easy to clean and offers a premium finish. The patented Dual Close valve provides maximum safety when the cassette tank has been removed.

Revolving cassette toilets with high quality, scratch-resistant ceramic inlay and many details for extra comfort. Dometic Saneo with auto-closing lid and patented dual closing safety valve. Dometic Saneo CS series with anatomically shaped bowl and high-power flush. Both series are available with or without integrated flush water tank.

We care about the wellbeing of our customers, which is why we have fitted the new Dometic Saneo CS ceramic toilet with convenient details that are unrivalled in the market. Take the patented Dual Close valve, for example, which ensures maximum safety when the cassette tank has been removed or the impulse flush, which uses a holding valve to retain the water and then applies pressure to force it into the bowl. The Saneo features a comfortable seat that revolves 90° in either direction. It is easy to clean and weighs a mere 13 kg.

Dimensions product depth
 602 mm
Dimensions product height 672 mm
Dimensions product width 377 mm
Net weight 13 kg

Tank capacity wastewater
 16 l

Certificates CE, ECE R10 
Cleaner physical form Tab 

Dimensions parcel depth
 410 mm
Dimensions parcel height 715 mm
Dimensions parcel width 620 mm
Parcel weight 15 kg

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