Fiamma F35 Pro 250 Deluxe Grey Awning. 05235B01T/ 06762B01T

$725.00 AUD
Approx $490.83 USD

Product Code: 200-04104
Categories: Fiamma Awnings.

Product Details

Perfect for your minivan, 4x4 or even a station wagon. Housed in a light anodized aluminium case, the Fiamma F35 Pro has a manual mechanism – press the red button on the side of the casing to open & then walk backwards while unrolling the awning. The drop down legs are housed inside the roller tube.

Adapters are available to help with installation onto the roof racks of your vehicle. The fabric is printed on both sides on a UV-resistant & waterproof vinyl. Also comes with ropes & hooks for securing to the ground.

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