Fiamma F45 L 500 Royal Blue Awning. 06530A01N

Fiamma F45 L 500 Royal Blue Awning. 06530A01N
$2,045.45 AUD
Approx $1,627.16 USD
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Perfect for larger RV’s the popular F45 L/TiL has been improved to create the F45 L awnings - featuring an increased box size and extra larger roller tube.

Product Description

The F45 L awning provides a large shaded area for your family to enjoy on your next holiday. Suitable for mounting onto the wall of your RV, F45 L awnings open and close by means of a crank handle and have a white aluminium case to compliment any RV’s exterior.

Silent when opening, closing and even during travel, the F45 L range is sturdy and easy to operate. Best of all, the F45 L case features two guide tracks enabling you to have a sunscreen and a front wall installed at the same time if you so choose!

Available in a range of colours, the vinyls are printed on both sides and are UV-resistant, waterproof and washable to ensure you get quality for your money.

Supplied with one Straight Centre Rafter as standard.

Product Code: 200-04555