Fiamma F45 S 300 Royal Grey Awning. 06280A01T

Fiamma F45 S 300 Royal Grey Awning. 06280A01T
$982.73 AUD
Approx $788.05 USD
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Fiamma’s best selling awning has had a few cosmetic changes, with the result being a more compact and functional box awning.

The lead bar now has two tracks allowing for use of a sunscreen and/ or LED lights. The F45 S range of awnings are simple to use and easy to install on the wall of your RV or horse trailer.

When not in use, the F45 S takes up little space while snuggly enclosed in its aluminium case. It is sturdy and safe to operate, with an easy-to-hook winch loop.

The canopy is available in a range of colours and is UV resistant, waterproof and washable. The colour is printed on both sides of the canopy.

Product Code: 200-04516