RVW GREAT Annexe Wall Silver Burgundy Stripe

$200.00 AUD
Approx $141.00 USD

Availability:In stock


Product Details

  • Enjoy the outdoors without compromising on sun protection and privacy
  • Our ShadeMaster range provides the option to buy single walls or multiple with the option to zip together to create an Extension Room


  • Quality PVC shade mesh material
  • Deters harmful UV rays, while keeping your space light & cheery
  • You can see out, but your neighbours can’t see in
  • Fantastic 10 yr warranty
  • Most walls provide for entry at either end, draft skirt and velco to attach to your RV

Available Upgrades:

  • Anti-flap Kit Attachment
  • Multi-purpose Non-slip Matting
  • Installation (Supply Only Also Available)

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