Hayman Reese Remote Mount Brake Controller. 05550

$272.66 AUD
Approx $184.32 USD

Product Code: 350-01216

Product Details

The Hayman Reese Compact joins the already reliable range of Hayman Reese
Brake Controls and like the name suggests is compact enough to be installed
with space in mind. The controls are mounted in the dash of the vehicle,
with the main control unit mounted out of sight. There are very few tools needed
to carry out the installation of the Hayman Reese Compact with a drill,
crimp tool, wire cutter and circuit tester all you need to complete your job.

Unlike older, less sophisticated products on the market the Hayman Reese
Compact has the addition of a “Sync Control” dial giving the user more control
and safety when applying trailer brakes. The “Sync Control” may be adjusted
for individual driver preference or changing road conditions.  When the brake pedal
is pressed, the pre‐determined “Sync Control” determines brake aggressiveness
or the time it takes to reach the full Brake Output Voltage as set by the Output
POWER Control. (‐) Less Aggressive, More Time; (+) More Aggressive, Less Time.

As with all Hayman Reese Brake controls, there is an output power control

and manual over‐ride switch, however in the case of the Compact the output
power control also doubles as an over‐ride switch saving further on valuable space.
Pushing the output power knob in will apply the brakes to the trailer only
(at the set level) and will also apply the vehicle’s brake lights.

Finally the use of a LED indicator allows the operator to see the various functions of the brake control through the use of different colours – this will also aid to confirm correct installation.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact size
  • Electric trailer brake control for 1‐3 Axles
  • Plug & Play feature allows for quick and easy connection with the Hayman Reese Smartclick™ brake control harness
  • Unique “Sync” adjustment for towing different trailers
  • Flexible and neat mounting options
  • Green LED Indicator monitors a secure connection with your trailer
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Remote mount ensures no issues with hitting the brake control unit or damaging it, whilst moving in your vehicle

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