Kelsey Energizer Iii Brake Controller Pendulum Type. 333092

$147.28 AUD
Approx $101.03 USD

Product Code: 350-01222

Product Details

Known as a “motion sensing” brake controller. This means it produces caravan braking directly proportional to the tow vehicle’s braking i.e. the faster the tow vehicle decreases its speed, the quicker the caravan’s brakes respond. The Energiser has a ‘quick-connect’ connector making removal for storage easy. Its adjustable pendulum levelling system has a visual level indicator to safe levelling, while the manual braking slide control lever will override gain settings for powerful emergency braking & it will activate the caravan’s brake lights for added safety. The LED warns of any potential short circuits & also has a light that will brighten in accordance to the braking power. Suitable for single or twin axle trailers.

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