Ora Italian Clip-on Towing Mirrors (set Of 2). 2100

$141.90 AUD
Approx $97.63 USD

Product Code: 350-00210

Product Details

Made in Italy from durable, non-corrosive material these mirrors can be installed quickly and effortlessly without tools.
Suitable for almost all 2WD and 4WD vehicles they give clear rear visibility when towing vans up to 2.4 metre (8') wide. Fixing screws and suction caps provide a superior, snug fit to hold the mirrors firm, steady and shake resistant.
Extension strap included to allow fitting on cars with larger mirrors.
They can be extended, or swivelled horizontally and vertically to achieve the optimum position for each towing situation. Comes in attractive packaging. The Box contains 2 mirrors.
Where your existing mirror is not stable enough, and vibration is transferred to your towing mirror, ORA have an optional brace, part 40280550, which can be added at a later date, or ORA also produce the Coppa Rossa mirror mounted, towing mirrors that already include the brace.

  • Not Suitable for Discovery 4 Mirrors


  • Total length of clamp and strap is 380mm.
  • Additional extension strap included in kit 170mm.

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