Ora Torino Towing Mirror. 6520

$112.39 AUD
Approx $75.30 USD

Product Code: 350-00250

Product Details

Suits boths sides of towing vehicle.
European designed and manufactured to suit tough Australian conditions.
Simple to install, Torino locks into the car door's window cavity.
The tension of the strap can be adjusted by sliding the clip up or down.
The rubber hook at the base of the strap will stretch accordingly.
There are no exposed metal components that will rub or scratch the car's duco.
There is no excess strap that will flap in the wind.
PRADO OWNERS Please be advised that the standard strap will not fit the base of the door.
You will also need to order additional strap Part No. OR-6505 Versatility Torino will fit most towing vehicles and can be installed in seconds.
The mirror unit cannot be removed without opening the car door.
Torino is made from sturdy and non corrosive metals and plastic materials.
The horizontal mirror arm can be swivelled to the drivers eye level.
The arm will fold in towards the car door when not required.
(The Torino mirror has a knock-back safety feature, minimising damage to the mirror should it be hit.
The arms extend up to 450mm making it ideal for towing a variety of vehicles such as horse floats & boats.
It is easy to install, simply hook onto the car door’s window cavity.
Its tension straps can be adjusted by sliding the clip & the rubber hook at the base.

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