Reich Handy Mirror Xl Dual Angle.

$47.85 AUD
Approx $32.92 USD

Product Code: 350-00630

Product Details

Reich made quite a name for themselves when they developed the Move Control Series of caravan movers. Now these innovative Germans have produced a range of towing mirrors designed to give you a vibration free, hassle free & obstruction free towing experience. They feature a turn knob which controls the length of the straps, ensuring maximum tightening security onto the existing car mirror.

  • Features positive adjustable straps with quick release.
  • Has an adjustable mirror head.
  • The jointed arms allow for installation on large size vehicle mirrors.
  • Has a large 13 x 13(cm) convex mirror>
  • Has a handy & adjustable blind spot mirror 6 x 10(cm) incorporated into the mirror housing.
  • Sold singularly.

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