Suburban Hot Water Heater, 240v electric, gas, 15L

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Product Details

The new line of WaterMark certified Suburban water heaters are the same great product you know and trust. Their high recovery gas and gas electric models come in sizes and with the features to match the requirements of almost any RV! Compliant with all required regulations, the new range of Suburban Water Heaters carry the following approvals. WaterMark Certification, Regulatory Compliance Mark and Australia and New Zealand Gas Safety Certification

Product Description

The Suburban HWS range all have porcelain lined, high tensile steel tanks, which are pressure tested twice assuring tank integrity and life.

There are a number of gas and gas-electric models available to suit most hot water requirements while travelling. The automatic models feature direct spark ignition with a remote switch for on/off control from inside the RV. Gas consumption is also kept to a minimum, making Suburban an economical choice.

This Suburban operates on Universal gas & 240V.


    • Capacity: 15.1Lt
    • Max working pressure: 850Kpa
    • Hourly gas consumption: 9.60mj/hour
    • Test point pressure: 2.63Kpa
    • Jet orifice size: 0.89mm
    • Type of heating medium: Universal Gas/ 240Volt
    • Recovery: 40Lt/hr 45ºC rise
    • For auto gas ingnitor: 12Volt DC 
    • For models with 240V heating element: 240Volt – 50HZ AC 
    • Element rating: 1440 Watts – 6 Amp 
    Dimensions (mm):  320W x 450D x 320H

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