Suburban Hot Water Heater, 240v electric, gas, 22L

$796.00 AUD
Approx $546.06 USD

Product Code: SW6DEA
Categories: Suburban. Space & Water Heaters.

Product Details

​he Suburban HWS range all have porcelain lined, high tensile steel tanks, which are pressure tested twice assuring tank integrity and life.

There are a number of gas and gas-electric models available to suit most hot water requirements while travelling. The automatic models feature direct spark ignition with a remote switch for on/off control from inside the RV. Gas consumption is also kept to a minimum, making Suburban an economical choice.

This Suburban operates on universal gas & 240V and has a 12V ignitor.


    • Capacity: 22.6Lt
    • Max working pressure: 850Kpa
    • Hourly gas consumption: 9.60mj/hour
    • Test point pressure: 2.63Kpa
    • Jet orifice size: 0.89mm
    • Type of heating medium: Universal Gas/ 240Volt
    • Recovery: 40Lt/hr 450C rise

    • For auto gas ingnitor: 12Volt DC 
    • For models with 240V heating element: 240Volt – 50HZ AC
    • Element rating: 1440 Watts – 6 Amp 
    • Dimensions (mm):  320W x 500D x 320H
    • Includes service door

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