Truma Combi 4E Water & Air Heater - 10 Litre - Gas/Electric - Black Cowl

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Product Details

Uses & Description:
  • An intelligent dual purpose heater designed to provide uninterrupted heating and hot water 
  • Truma Combi 4E gas powered air and water heater is an innovative produce that caters to heating both air and water both simultaneously and independently
  • Powered by liquid gas and volts 
  • Can generate up to 4000 watts of heat 
  • Environmentally friendly with 97% energy efficiency rating
  • Functions accessed via LCD control panel 
  • Comes with a stainless steel 10 litre waterproof and leak resistant water tank 
  • Heats water in 20 minutes, or 90 minutes when the air heater is operational 
  • Ability to mix and heat water while showering 
  • Equipped with performance enhancing features including safety sensor, self-draining mechanism and anti-frost technology 
  • Ducted system with three outlet vents 
  • Highly conservative in fuel consumption, minimal in weight and dimensions 
  • Maintenance-free dual purpose air and water heater
  • One of the most efficient space saving heater and hot water combo units currently on the RV market


  • Compact and lightweight being 14 kg without water 
  • Gas powered - 12 volts for ignition, 240 volts heating option when connected electrically to main power
  • Independent or simultaneous air and water heating functions
  • LCD control panel allows for user-friendly access to functions
  • High power output being 4000 watts
  • 10 litre durable and leak-proof stainless steel water tank 
  • Rapid water heating being 20 minutes 
  • Equipped with anti-frosting technology 
  • Auto monitoring of temperature 
  • Self-draining 
  • Maintenance-free 
  • LCD control panel 
  • Black Cowl 
  • 65mm ducting can be purchased separately 
  • Gas connection by licensed gas fitter 
  • Vents outlet included with ducting purchased separately depending on lengths required
  • 1 year warranty  


  • Model: 100-02202, COMBI 4E-WMK- BLK
  • Suits: Caravans and Motorhomes (not suitable for marine applications)
  • Includes: Flue kit and controller
  • Energy source: LPG or 240v (12v connection required for automatic gas ignition)
  • Operating pressure: 2.75 kPa
  • Water capacity: 10L
  • Water pump pressure: Max 2.8 bar
  • Water heating time: Approx. 23 min
  • Heater & Water time: Approx 90 min
  • Thermal output electrical operation (240v): 980 W / 1960 W
  • Thermal output mixed operation (gas and electric): 3900W
  • Thermal output gas operation: 3900W
  • Gas consumption: 130-260 g/h
  • Air flow rate- 3 outlets: max 249 m3/h
  • Air flow rate- 4 outlets: max 287 m3/h
  • Power consumption: Temp max of 5.6 A (average power consumption 1.1A)
  • Rest current: Approx. 0.001 A
  • Weight: 16.2kg
  • Dimensions: 510 mm x 450 mm x 300 mm
  • Fuel: Gas
  • Fuel Consumption: 130-260 g/h
  • 12v Connection requires a 10amp fuse.
  • Water connection is 12mm John Guest

Notes of installation:

  • Allow 10mm all round to access for plumbing and ducting connecting
  • Screw unit to floor with provided screws 
  • Additional details in installation manual 
  • Max. ducting lengths for air intake and exhaust vary 
  • Limitations exist for placement of exhaust
  • Air return to unit from inside the cabin is required 
  • Manual recommends a separately bought non-return value to be place in water pipework 

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