Camper Bed End Garage For Jayco Touring Onroad Model. Aeapsstd

$146.00 AUD
Approx $87.89 USD

Product Code: 400-04500

Product Details

Suitable for use on most of the camper trailers, these Bed End Garages allow you to make use of otherwise wasted space. It keeps items such as the kid’s toys, BBQs, canoes and even the humble porta potti hidden! No drilling, screwing or stitching is required to create this PVC enclosure. Heavy duty Velcro connects the walls to the underside of your folded out back end. Tent pegs are provided to secure the Bed End Garage to the ground and access can then be gained using the zipper. Available in white.

Overall Dimensions: 4500L x 1650H (mm)

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